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Tested Email Swipe #1

Subject Line:This Story Could Be Too Much For You

I'll be honest:

The story you're about to hear if you click this link is not for the faint-hearted.

But if you're brave enough to listen to it, you'll discover how to protect your family against something no amount of weapons, bullets or military training could protect them from.

Something that's guaranteed to strike you during any crisis.

Something that has the potential to make thousands of victims in a matter of hours.

And yet, something hardly anyone thinks about.

This information is especially important to US seniors.

You'll understand everything once you click here... if you're brave enough.

Tested Email Swipe #2

Subject Line:CDC Exposed for Huge Hushed-up Scandal

The CDC is trying to cover up breaking news about a silent deadly killer that's been present in our everyday lives for decades.

Fact is this virus spread at an alarming pace and the CDC is in over their heads.

Right now, we're all vulnerable...

Click Here to see real proof that this silent killer already hit and to find out what you can do to shield yourself.

Tested Email Swipe #3

Subject Line:These 5 Old-Time Diseases Have Made A Deadly Come-Back...

5 Old-Time Diseases That Are Making A Deadly Come-Back

Tuberculosis killed over 900,000 million people in 2012. Enough to wipe out North America, with room to spare for Germany, France and Russia combined.

And the clock is ticking...

Because thanks to recent events, the U.S. could soon be a 3rd world country...

Where hospitals close, riots break, and economies collapse, after every lethal outbreak.

And I should know...

Because I lost my father the same way on U.S. soil...

Click Here to Discover More About The Coming Destruction Of America, Why Our Government Are Only Looking Out For Themselves, And Which Deadly Diseases To Prepare For

October 2016

Tested Email Swipe #1

Subject Line: NASA is Freaking Out Over This...

NASA admitted there's a daunting natural epidemic out there that's killing millions of Americans each year.

The worst part is nobody's talking about it because the government's sinister, hidden agenda.

The media's trying to cover it all up because they're right in the pockets of corrupt governmental officials.

Click Here to Discover the Truth Before It's Too Late


Subject Line:Urgent Message To US Seniors

An alarming piece of info has just reached my ears, and you need to know about this too.

Countless lives have been lost because people have been kept in the dark about this...

Including the one of a close friend's father.

Everything is exposed here.

Tested Email Swipe #2

Subject Line: Refugees Spread Disease and Infect Volunteers

The CDC are losing their minds over this.

Over 4 million refugees worldwide have created controversy in the media.

The problem that most mainstream news outlets leave out is that these refugees might be carrying and spreading a devastating virus.

Click Here To Watch Shocking Video

Click Here To Watch the Shocking Video

Tested Email Swipe #3

Subject Line: Hushed-up Disaster Finally Makes the Headlines

Something far more devastating than the war in the Middle East already hit our country.

The government isn't prepared to accept what's going on because they know we can't face it. That's why there are no news reports about it yet.

The truth is when you'll finally hear about it in the media it might be too late and the situation might already be out of control so be prepared to face some shocking facts.


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Tested Email Swipe #4

Subject Line: The Imminent Danger From Within Our Borders

This is as real as it gets.

And it has nothing to do with terrorism and hoarded weapons of mass destruction.

This imminent danger is hidden well inside our own borders... carefully scattered across a few strategic regions.

Consider this a warning from a concerned friend...

Click here to find out more.

Tested Email Swipe #5

Subject Line: Rogue Doctor Exposes Hidden Plot To Kill Millions...


You won't believe what the CDC has been trying

to sweep under the rug...

They have been brainwashing people with Ebola,

While keeping this under wraps.

>>It's all here<<

Even though experts refer to it as the

medical con of the century,

no mainstream media is talking about it.

>>Click here<<

Fortunately, there's still a way to shield yourself

And your family from this nationwide killer.

P.S. More than 695.622 Americans have watched

the video.

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Tested Email Swipe #6

Subject Line: Truly Disgusting...This scandalous video will make your blood boil

Leaked Info..

Rogue Doctor exposes hidden plot to kill millions...

It's not a hurricane, an economic collapse

or a terrorist attack...

The real answer will SHOCK you!

This "silent assassin" it's guaranteed

to strike you during any crisis!

>>Click here before the video is taken down<<

Even though experts refer to it

as the medical con of the century,

no mainstream media is talking about it.

However, in a strange chain of events

this secret got leaked...

And there's still a way to shield

yourself and your family from this nationwide killer.

It's right here>>

This leaked info also exposes the real reason why

CDC has brainwashed people With Ebola,while keeping this under wraps.

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Tested Email Swipe #7

Subject Line: It's a strange little bug that weakens the immune system so much...

It's an event so catastrophic...

That it has the potential to wipe out an entire nation

when the next disaster hits America.

>This bug is worse than Ebola and experts refer to it

as the #1 Killer In a Crisis.

Fortunately,there's still a way to shield yourself and

your family against this threat. a way to shield yourself and

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Tested Email Swipe #8

Subject Line:News flash: Recent evidence points out that bringing Ebola to US soil was nothing but an orchestrated maneuver.

The reason?

Distract US citizens from the health threat coming from illegal border crossers.

Some of these crossers have tested positive for what was thought to be a once extinct killer super-bug.

This bug is so powerful that things like a scratched knee or a strep throat could once again kill.

The CDC warns thousands could die without knowing the true cause.

Seniors and children ? those with weakened immune systems ? in particular.

>>Watch this video<<

and find out a simple way to insulate you and your loved ones against it and any other deadly viruses.